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Members of Congress are living off food stamps for a week to protest Republican cuts. It’s a challenge for them, but GOP cuts would hurt millions of everyday Americans

Why does this not have more publicity. This needs it!

I want a reality tv show where politicians have to live in poverty for a month. They have to live in Government housing, shop with food stamps, and get only a limited amount of money for clothes. Because here, they still have all their trappings, lilke nice cars and thousand dollar suits. I want them in Walmart jeans trying to determine if they can afford a carton of milk. 

If we had that, just watch how quickly things would change


in gurren lagann, no one says ‘you know the drill’ at any point so it’s actually the worst anime


anime that starts playing the ending theme in the backround as the episode comes to a closing

thats the shit i do like

Appropriate music to listen to derp to in California? 

Third Wave Ska it is